Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Kunstler has a perfect analysis of our politics, especially the nominating contests. I have tried to keep my exposure to the contests to a minimum for my own mental health and well-being but I keep getting an unhealthy dose of the crazy through incidental exposure--a headline here or there on the internet or the brief viewings of the TV (s)news.

Mark Morford has a real snarky piece on the Super Bowl which impacted San Francisco tremendously and largely negatively, financially and socially, as far as most of the commenters I have read have reported. And SF wasn't even the real host of the affair. Over-hyped all the way.


This is fascinating. I do hope they find out why Madame de Florian never returned but continued to pay the rent.

Not Buying Anything has a post we find totally relatable. We haven't bought cold cereals for, maybe, four or five years. Since we started looking at the labels for the salt, sugar and fat content. And since we noticed that the so-called fruit was actually manufactured bits of whatever artificially flavored to resemble the fruit.

Ah, yes--it is vitally important to protect the profits of companies. People--not so much.

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