Thursday, February 4, 2016


We didn't get the snow flurries the weather people predicted--yet. But it is supposed to be colder but sunny today. Nothing new sprouting but the remaining seeds of the remaining two lettuce varieties were pelletized so they may take a bit longer. I am looking at the calendar and deciding when to start the rest of the seeds. I think I will plant the herbs next week with the rest of the tomatoes, peppers, greens and sunflowers the first week of march. The beans and peas can wait until the first of April.

As I read this I thought of a friend out in Colorado who tries to raise bees on a small scale (2 hives) and reported that her supplier informed all his customers the he couldn't fill their orders for new queens this year. The TV news had a couple of stories last year about thefts of bee hives in Chicago. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised considering the price of honey but I hadn't considered the market for bees to pollinate crops.

Found the above cartoon at Bob Jellison's site. Says about all that needs to be said about the Flint water scandal.

Another Republican dropped out last night: Rick Santorum. Good. I still wish we had a place to write in "None of the Above" on the ballots. Then we would have a real choice.

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