Monday, September 5, 2016


Happy Labor Day--a holiday more honored in the breach than in fact.

In fact hardly honored at all. Like so many of our holidays it has become an opportunity to sell a multitude of fools a massive load of crap they neither need nor can afford. Do I sound cynical? Well, in some cases I am. We don't really honor labor. The national commercial sport is how to gouge workers most effectively to pad the bottom line. Just like "thanking" veterans for their "service" is a cheap way to get out of doing a damned thing that would really benefit them.

My mantra when it comes to nutrition has been "moderation in all things." The current fashions in nutrition don't hold with that. It is "full steam ahead and damned the torpedoes consequences." Now the value of "anti-oxidants" is coming into question. We like blueberries and every year or two we get a ten pound box to freeze. They go into yogurt or cereal or muffins or ... whatever. We do eat kale--occasionally. We don't choose our food for the antioxidant quota but for variety. "All that kale for nothing?" Well, only if your sole purpose was to fill the quota.

Ah, yes--Kunstler is on a good roll today.

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