Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I often wonder how many people actually listen to the news any more. We find it far too annoying and uninformative. About half the time is taken up by ads and a quarter of the rest is spent promoting what is coming up some time in the broadcast. It spends a lot of time on promos for the "hot" programs like "Dancing With The Start." Throw-away one line promos lead to throw-away stories that you miss if you are distracted for two seconds and leave you wondering what happened to the important story they kept teasing you with. Is the news and, perhaps, anything else on the glowing box simply background noise to fill with meaningless images and sound a void we don't want to acknowledge much less fill ourselves.

I am finally beginning to feel like I have some energy. Sometimes you don't realize how not-good you feel until you start to feel better. I don't say "bad" because I didn't really feel bad--just terribly tired. As a consequence my garden has gone to pot--at least the tomatoes have. I took the plants on the fence down an discarded them. In spite of all the rain we had the wind that came with and after made sure nothing in those pots got any good out of it. Because I was so thoroughly out of sorts I didn't realize how dry they had gotten. But I got things watered and today (after watering which is a daily chore when the temps hit the high 80s and beyond) I harvested a full dehydrator of lavender. The house is starting to smell of lavender. I plan to harvest lemon balm tomorrow. The hyssop and Moldavian balm I am leaving to the bees which are working the plants vigorously.

May she go to the hell she so richly deserves!!! One headline said "she will be missed." Oh, really!! Not by me and I would guess a good many others.

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