Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I cleaned out the shed and rearranged things so I can actually step into it and find things. I have certain areas where things accumulate until I have to sort out the jumble to find what I have buried over time. As I have gotten older those areas are fewer. I don't like not finding what I absolutely know I have when I want it and I hate buying a new item only to find the one I had after the fact. I have a couple of spots that need some reorganizing but, for now, order has won out over chaos. The little greenhouse is also tidy--until next year's growing season. The early part of today should provide a window for me to harvest lemon balm to dry; tomorrow, however, is predicted to be nasty. Good day to make some progress with needlework.

I found this item at Global Voices. I try to cross check the veracity of items on certain websites--usually ones I visit rarely but know are unreliable either from their slant of the stories or even what they consider "facts." Over the last few years I have become more and more skeptical of sites I once trusted. It isn't what we don't know that trips us up badly but what we know for certain that just ain't so.

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