Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Cut back the lemon balm which yielded three trays in the dehydrator. I also got a tray each of peppermint and spearmint. I will get the leaves ground and put in jars later today. I didn't have to water anything. I was surprised to see the soil was still very moist. Hope that is the case today as well.


Nothing much worth commenting on yesterday. I did get the herbs finished and did some needlework. I should check over the peppers for any ripe ones ready to pick. I didn't have to water anything but today is a different story.

I have been ignoring the polls almost as much as the campaign "news" generally. Every now and then something tweaks my interest and I read the story. This story isn't so much about polling results as how pollsters reach their results. And it confirms my tendency to take the results with a big dose of salt.

Now this is a good tax reform proposal. I have long hated the fact that things are generally more cheaply and easily replaced than repaired.  And France has enacted a bunch of new laws I can agree with as well.

Interesting (and long) piece by Andrew Sullivan on our distraction-laden lives and the cost to our psyches.

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