Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Good morning after the debate which I did not watch. I made up my mind who I wouldn't vote for when Trump clinched the Repthuglican nomination. I just haven't decided whether the election is so close I would rather hold my nose and vote for Clinton or use it as a protest and vote for someone else. You can't tell from the polls. Those are like the old story of the blind men describing an elephant based on which part of the animal they touched. What the poll tells you is what a group of people selected by what ever method the pollster chooses decide to say at a given point in time. Often one
 headline shouts that Hillary is up and is followed by another shouting just as loudly that Trump has the edge. However, I did find this humorous story which indicates that drinking while watching the debates might be injurious to your health. I haven't engaged in drinking games since I was much younger and before age began to cure some of my youthful stupidity. Alcohol poisoning wouldn't have been my worry--rather a stroke from sudden elevated blood pressure would have been a major risk.

Now for a report from the East Coast drought.


Once upon a time there was a joke about Chicago politics: vote early and vote often. It seems that notion has gone over into internet polling.

I have often wondered how useful the annual physical exam is. When I was a child (and our family's insurance program paid for such exams) we got one every year. As an adult I have seen a doctor maybe 8 to 10 times (in almost 50 years) and only when I had a specific problem (stitches in a cut knee, a bout of strep throat).

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