Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good Morning, again.  I guess I have gotten used to the weather pattern.  Possible storms keep coming in every two to three days but nothing so bad or good as to deserve mention.  The New Year's retrospectives have carried some of the weather statistics and 2008 was, evidently, one of the wettest on record.  I am not surprised since there are areas up here that got flooded out three times over the year.  All the moisture seemed to come in concentrated bursts--like the September episode thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Ike.  This winter hasn't been as miserable as some in the recent past because I can hibernate through the worst of it.  No job means I don't have to go out in it.

Although it is early January I am already thinking about spring and gardening.  I have a couple of google searches set up for 'container gardening' (since all I have is a small concrete patio to plant something on) and 'urban gardening' (since I do live in town and have no intention of moving to a rural setting.)  I checked in on Life On The Balcony this morning and found a link to a site I may sign up for later--My Folia.  I like reading and seeing pictures of what others do with their gardens.  I get ideas I might like to try later.

I haven't written much about Illinois and its governor.  I think the whole thing is a bit surreal.  I am very surprised by all of the supposedly savvy people who are surprised by Blago's move to appoint Burris to Obama's former Senate seat.  The one thing that man has in disgusting abundance is chutzpah.  The first thing Mom and I thought when Fitzgerald announced the complaint he filed was that Blago would find a squeaky clean black politician and name him to the vacant post.  There are several points that come to my mind.  First, Fitzgerald filed a criminal complaint but has until the first of April (thanks to an extension the court is likely to grant) to file an indictment.  Therefore Blogojeovich is still the governor with all the powers of a sitting governor, including those of appointment.  Also, a committee of the Illinois House is considering its bill of impeachment and has not as yet reported it to the full House which has not, therefore, voted on it.  I do think the idiot is guilty but that has not been proven YET.  All of this bombast, on all sides of the issue, is so much bombastic crap and moral posturing.  Boys and Girls, you really do have much better things to do with OUR time.

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Kay Dennison said...

Well said!!!!!! I look at Blago as one of the few truly honest politicians -- at least he was honest about what a thief he is. That the Illinois legislature is dithering gives me pause to ask what they are hiding from We the People who fund their inexcusable antics. I wish Jack Cafferty wasn't on vacation -- I'd like to hear his take on this.