Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Morning, again.  We are in between weather systems here.  A new system is coming in that will drop another 2 to 4 inches with some heavy gusts of wind.  Enough wind that one of the local weather people put out 'ground blizzard' warnings.  Not much snow but the wind will blow what we have around and severely reduce visibility.  With the new snow our total to date should exceed what we normally get through an entire winter season.  It tallies nearly 3 ft. already.  Thankfully some of the early snow melted or was washed away by intervening rains.

I am almost finished with the little left-over yarn rug and was wondering how to fix it so that it wouldn't skid all over the place.  Then I happened upon this on Dollar Store Crafts.  I forgot that I had a length of shelf liner and it was just sitting on my shelf.  Well not any more.  It is just enough to back the rug.  Problem solved.  Thank you, Dollar Store Crafts.

I am taking it a bit easy for now.  The political situation is murky and I seem to go from hopefulness to depression easily.  Really must figure out a way to get out of that rut.  While I do other things, enjoy your day where ever you are.


Elaine said...

This winter has been horrible thus far. I'm up to 45 inches which is way above average. Looks like it will end up being another 100+ for the season when it's finally over.

Heather - - said...

Yay, I'm so excited that your rug will work with the shelf liner! Did you sew it on by hand?

MaryContrary said...

Hi, Elaine,

I agree this has been a winter for the record books. Not in the good sense. Your 100+ inches is about on target if the projections of our weather people is right. We still have about 60% of our snow yet to come for the season.

Hi, Heather,

I used some small left over balls of yarn and the old knitting spool. Then I crocheted the rounds together. I just found the shelf liner so it isn't on yet. I will post a picture when I get it finished.