Monday, January 26, 2009

It is still really frozen here and not likely to get any better before early next week.  Blast-- because I have to go out today.  One peg on my little knitting spool broke--mid project.  I am going to try to take the piece off and secure it with a safety pin.  Luckily I am very close to the end of the color I was using so I don't have much on that end to deal with.  I would make my own but I don't have any empty spools and those that are close to empty are all plastic or styrofoam.  Oh, well!!

I haven't seen much to comment on or pass on.  so I will make it a very short day.  Bye for now.


Elaine said...

Hi Mary,

It's still freezing here too, this has turned into a winter from hell! My power went out too this morning but thankfully came back on fairly quickly. Be careful out there running your errands.

Kay Dennison said...

Why is it that things always break when you're almost done? Sometimes I think God is perverse.

Still frozen and in the balmy (cough!) 20s here. I'm tired of winter.