Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good Morning, this overcast and moisture laden Sunday.  We are supposed to get a mix of rain, freezing rain and snow.  In pretty much that order since the temps are supposed to fall from high thirties to somewhere much lower by sometime tonight.  At least the weather people are still calling for sun tomorrow.  Since Monday is one of only two clear days for the next week that is our shopping day.  Winter is the season when our shopping is planned for the clear days.  Otherwise we hibernate.

Going through my Google alerts I found this among the quilting blogs.  Anita at Anita's Hints asks if her readers are afflicted with the 'someday syndrome.'  I know that syndrome very well.  There is always something that is a good idea--for someday.  And of course, as Anita says, someday never arrives.  Over the last year I have made some tentative moves toward breaking that syndrome.  When I start a new project I  look to my stash first and only buy new materials when I absolutely must to finish a project.  I have all too many projects that I bought on 'speculation' and have not even started.  I am gradually working those into the line up.  One of my goals this year (a continuing goal first put on my list a couple of years ago) is to finish more projects than I start.

As I read Anita's blog I thought of a related syndrome that I have made strides at eliminating--the 'saving it for special' syndrome.  We suffer from that syndrome whenever we decide that something is too good for everyday use.  A couple of years ago when we cleaned out our linen closet we found a large number of embroidered table scarves and pillowcases that were stained not from wear but from simply sitting around.  We put a lot of work into those items; too much to simply let them rot away unseen.  We pulled them out, washed them up and have been using them regularly since.  Nothing is too good for everyday use.

Time for breakfast and some more house cleaning.  


donna said...

I found a bunch of embroidered pillowcases and linens when I cleaned out my mom's house after she passed away. Put away and not used. Unfortunately they still are. ;^) And yes, the good set of china too...

Kay Dennison said...

I am all too familiar with and guilty of both syndromes. Since my 'everyday' dishes are in need of replacement, I'm going to start using the 'good china. I rarely entertain so I doubt I'll need it. (And when I do, it's paper plates and buffet.) Since it's service for 12, it will last the rest of my life.

Thanks for the mental hotfoot!!