Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Morning.  We have had a couple of nice sunny days with temps in the upper twenties.  Today will be the last 'balmy' day for a while.  But it will still be sunny.  That makes a big difference.

I always enjoy seeing things on blogs that give me ideas for using my stash.  You know--all the fabric, threads, yarns, etc., accumulated over the last 4o or so years.  I found just found this one.  The flower coaster at Man Made is perfect for some of the Sugar 'n' Cream yarn I have.  I am using part of it for a new rug but I can make only so many rugs.  Coasters are always useful.

This is an interesting little item.  Why in the world would Chrysler decide to underwrite the fourth installment of the Terminator saga when it just got a bailout, has to file a restructuring plan soon with the Congress that gave it the bailout, and is expected to ask for another $4billion?  What was it President Obama said about 'hard choices' and 'putting aside childish things?'  Someone obviously wasn't listening.

On that note, see ya'all later.

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Kay Dennison said...

It was so warm here today, I didn't need gloves and didn't button my coat but it's back to the twenties tomorrow.

I need to go look at some of those blogs. I have wicker laundry basket loaded with yarn that's guilting me.

ARGH!!!!! Don't those folks at Chrysler get it?