Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hi, everyone.  It was a nice sunny day yesterday.  Today is overcast but they have reduced the projected snowfall to less than an inch.  We dodged the bullet that went south and east with freezing rain and sleet.  Unfortunately, it looks like it is headed for Ohio.  How far north it will go is anybody's guess.

The big news has been New Mexico's Governor Richardson tapped to be Commerce Secretary but no longer because of a 'pay to play' scandal.  Over in our neighboring state of Illinois the Lt. Governor has appointed the former U.S. Attorney who successfully prosecuted former Governor Ryan to head (without pay) a commission to propose changes to clean up the mess.  I could suggest two measures that would go a long way to that end.  First, ban political contributions from any company or organization to any political party, campaign, pac, etc.  Soft money or hard, it doesn't matter.  Ban it.  At the same time, ban contributions beyond the limits for individuals from anyone in a position of authority with such companies or organizations.  Second, prohibit any company or organization from active involvement in setting up any legislation regulation the industries those companies or organizations are involved in.  We have seen far too much of the coal industry, the auto industry, and others setting public policy and using their money as leverage.  I am not holding my breath and I am not taking bets.

John Aravosis on Americablog has a link to a description of a debate between the candidates for the Republican National Committee Chair position.  He focused on an exchange between current Chair Mike Duncan, who thought that President Bush's worst failure in his 8 years in office was the conduct of the early phases of the Iraq war, and former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, who thought the worst failure was a 'failure to communicate' with the public about Iraq, Katrina and the economy.  If these two idiots are representative of the entire Party's grasp of reality,  God help us if we elect any of them to public office again.  We will deserve the crap we will get.  Actually and unfortunately, there are way too many Democrats about whom I could say the same thing.  We don't really have many choices and we do not deserve the crap we are getting.

It is now time to go on to other things.  I took out about 6 hours worth of crocheting on that rug last night and put back about two.  It is looking much better.  I still have some house cleaning to do but the spirit is leaving so I will not do as much at any one time until it comes back (not too soon, I hope).

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Kay Dennison said...

I like your thinking on contributions -- it's right on!! And yeah, the Grand Old Party has become the Villge of Idiots!