Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Morning, All, on a nice Sunny Wednesday. I haven't gone outside yet but we are supposed to get into the 60s.

Robert Reich makes a good point this morning and raises an interesting point. Many of the actions banks took that ultimately led up to the financial crisis were legal, but most were not ethical. Just because something is legal does not mean that it is moral or ethical. When the immoral and unethical threaten the wider social and financial group they should be made illegal. I don't care if my neighbor gambles or drinks away his paycheck but I do care if he gambles away someone else's money or gets behind the wheel of a car drunk. Unfortunately, too many of our bright boys and girls in the banking/finance industry gambled with other people's money.

Charles Hughes Smith at oftwominds has another, parallel, perspective on this. Gaming the system, he claims, is standard operating procedure in this economy and it is pervasive at all levels. If the gaming stopped the economy would crash. Some of the gaming he talks about was illegal but much was simply unethical and/or immoral.

In another example of gaming the system take a look at this bit of inanity. Anonymity should have no place in the operations of the Senate. Stand up, stake your position, and deal with the fall out.


Anonymous said...

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Looking to the Stars said...

gaming the system, it sounds like the patients are in charge of the asylum or at least thats how I feel when I found out what all these people are doing. Ugh, I don't see if America is ever going to get out from under all of this.

Kay Dennison said...

Ethical is whatever is convenient and doesn't interfere with profit these day. Sigh.

"Gaming the system" is more of the same. I think the word integrity went out with poodle skirts.

Impeach the creeps!!!!

I'm crabby today in case you can't tell! LOL