Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Morning, Everyone. We are expecting a warmer and sunny Thursday. The temps are supposed to get into the 70s today and tomorrow although the weather people say we are also going to get high winds. I intend to spend part of the day putting out some plants since the lows aren't going to (fingers crossed) go below 40.

Well, Obama's budget reduction committee (what ever the hell it is actually called) had its first meeting yesterday and the pressure is on to 'do something' about 'entitlements.' I have several problems with this whole notion. First, most of those who want 'something' done really want the Federal Government to simply do away with Social Security and Medicare. But they don't rely on those programs and have paid in on only a small part of their incomes. Second, most of them don't rely on any of the various retirement instruments (401k plans that became 201k (or less) plans, IRAs etc.) or company pension plans that have either been cancelled totally or severely reduced. Third, they are not faced with a job market that is producing few jobs. Fourth, they are not in the position of being either overqualified or not qualified at all for the jobs that are out there. Fifth, they aren't looking at the end of their unemployment benefits. Little wonder that many older workers are deciding to take Social Security earlier than they had originally planned as this NPR piece notes.

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