Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello, again. Enjoying the last day with temps over 70 for a while according to the weather people. I can always hope they err on the good side of the matter. I am not really ready for summer heat but some more days in the low to mid 70d sounds good to me.

I saw on the news this morning that at least one of the main news channels (not CNBC) has picked up on the 47% of Americans not paying taxes. I dealt with that one yesterday. I am at the point with all of these numbers where I simply don't trust anybody much (and many not at all.) They all pick and choose the numbers which either tell the story they want to spread (that the economy is in a robust recovery) or that support the position they hold (that there is a war on wealth). So often their numbers don't correspond with my reality and I have to ask whose dream world, or nightmare, are they living in.

HuffingtonPost has a good item on this point this morning. The tax burden for most Americans has actually gone down according to most serious economists (including Conservative ones). None of the tax increases Obama has proposed are in effect and the Bush tax cuts (that overwhelmingly favored the wealthy) have expired yet. The author makes a point that fear is the driving force in the protests just as it is for the talking heads on CNBC. They are afraid of what might happen and especially what might happen to THEM.

Market Watch had this item on the jobs data. The article says that the adjusted unemployment increased last week for the second week in a row. Also, easily passed over, that we may be in for a renewed period of job cuts. But what I find difficult to reconcile is the statement that, on the one hand, the Obama Administration is claiming that the economy has 'created' the most jobs in the last month in over a year and that, on the other, that we are still getting 400k+ first time unemployment claims in that same month. It still looks to me like we are still sliding down not rising up.

This blog entry from Margaret and Helen just about sums up my feelings about the current political situation. Helen is absolutely spot on.


Kay Dennison said...

Who knows what to believe anymore?

All I know is that my city is at 12% unemployment and we are hurting while the politicians dither and argue and the Tea Party ignores that all this is the result of Bush's policies. Obama hasn't been in office long enough to blame yet.

Looking to the Stars said...

I don't trust the numbers. I think they maniuplate them for thier own use.

I love seeing the new buds on the trees and am glad we have air conditioning in the house for this summer. Over on the West side they don't need it but here on the east side we do :)

Take care