Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good Sunday Morning to you all. Sorry, Kay. I was feeling a bit disgruntled. I thought I had lost my bean plants in spite of the 'wall 'o water.' They did recover and I brought everything in over night. The temps dropped to just above freezing and I didn't want to take a chance. I will probably do the same tonight and tomorrow night. After that the temps are supposed to go back up. I have to keep reminding myself that this is normal for April. It has been so long since we saw normal we forget what it looks like.


I just didn't get back to this yesterday. Oh, well. Good Monday Morning to you and hope the week goes well. Nothing new on the weather front. Seasonably cool so all of the seedlings are staying inside. So are the cats to Kuma's disgust. The weather starts warming up and he wants out badly. Since he has a nice, thick fur coat he doesn't understand what our problem is.

I find it very interesting how discombobulated we find ourself when the weather or other natural conditions mess with us. The airlines are pushing to modify the flight rules to allow them to fly though that ash from Iceland's volcano. Having already lost a combined $1B they desperately want to get in the air again. Hence the 'test' flights yesterday. Then, of course, there are all the very unhappy travelers who are stuck because no one was going anywhere. We just don't seem to have any flexibility in our lives to let us deal with these kinds of 'acts of God.'

I noticed that the broadcast media, print media, and internet news outlets are making a big deal of the poll that shows that fewer than one-fifth of Americans trust Washington. Here is one link to the Wall Street Journal but you can find numerous other such stories. My question--why the surprise? We have had eight years of a Republican administration that governed on the premise that government was bad and couldn't do anything well--so they basically didn't care much if they didn't do things effectively and efficiently because, by their definitions, they couldn't. Yeah, that is a circular argument but then I seriously doubt that they ever attended any philosophy (specifically, logic) courses. What else can we expect given that Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are the heavy thinkers in that crowd. Unfortunately, the Republicans have just enough strength to stymie any efforts to turn that around.

I belong to, I think, five Ning groups. Three are for needleworkers/fiber artists, one is Elderwomanspace, and one is for practitioners of frugal lifestyles. But Ning is, according to a couple of the group co-ordinators, phasing our its free service forcing them to monetize the sites, pay subscription fees, cancel the groups, or move them to other services (like Facebook). One, Fiber Focus, has already opened up on Facebook.

James Kunstler at Clusterfuck Nation asks a very good question about the Goldman litigation--Where is the RICO filings on this? The SEC filing is a civil case. Where are the criminal fraud charges? And why do we consider this company 'too big to fail?'

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Kay Dennison said...

Jeff probably going to be cancelling his trip to Ireland because of this. Sigh. I really wanted him to go because it would give me more time.

Trust the gov't? Surely you jest! The last decade has demolished any trust I ever had in the gov't.

Kunstler asks a damned good question!!!!!