Friday, April 16, 2010

Good TGIF, Everyone. Hey, Lois, I hear you. The trees seemed to burst out with leaves and blossoms over the last two weeks. Only the slowest and largest of the trees are still just budding. We have squirrels nesting in one of the trees in front of our unit and they have been driving one of our cats nuts with their running up and down the tree. I have about a third of our seedlings outside under plastic or inside "walls 'o water". Though the next week is supposed to be cooler it isn't supposed to get down to killing frost range and any sun we get will warm up the patio rapidly. I discovered that my experiment with the milk carton planters won't do what I want them to. The plastic is too soft and tends to collapse if they are stacked. So I am shifting gears and will see how the hard plastic juice containers will do.

One story I saw this morning really warmed my heart--the SEC has charged Goldman Sachs with fraud. Essentially they pushed subprime mortgage derivatives developed by one of their clients while that client bet against the investment vehicle. It was, according to the report, 'designed to fail.' Yeah, I would definitely call that fraud. What I can't believe is the crap spewed by so-called 'capitalists' and the finance industry that they can regulate themselves. In a pig's eye!!!


Kay Dennison said...

Did you send me the cold wind, rain and thunderstorm? Brrrr

Hallelujah!!!! I love seeing a mortgage banker get his just desserts!

Looking to the Stars said...

hope the hard plastic containers work for you :)