Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Thursday Morning, Everyone. We have overcast skies today and since I have nothing pressing to do in the gardens I think I will take it easy. Just do my morning inspections and try to keep the cats in because it is a bit too cool to let them out (mainly because I will have to watch them). Actually, I just looked out the window to find the clouds gone and bright sun. I may get something done after all.

It's ok, Kay. I think the political and economic situations give us all plenty to be crabby about.

Has anyone else noticed the wave of news stories on American salt consumption over the last few days? It seems like everyone is getting on the anti-salt bandwagon. I was glad to notice that they stories made prominent mention of the fact that most of the salt we consume is 'hidden' in prepared foods--canned veggies, soup mixes, restaurant meals. Some time ago we got a rude shock when a pot of beans were unpleasantly salty even though Mom doesn't use salt in cooking. At that time we used the jars of prepared beans as a base. We stopped using it after we found out how much salt was in it and now start from scratch with dried beans. After that we started looking at how much was in our canned veggies (and switched, mostly, to frozen). One of the talking heads on CNBC did ask a good question--just how much do we want government to interfere and in what areas? I wonder how many people, if given the information, would do what we have done--switched to lower salt alternatives? They also made another interesting point--as we move closer to a universal health care system in which everyone pays for everyone, will everyone start telling everyone else what to eat, drink, how much to exercise?

Another entry in the continuing story of "we've got ours, screw you," or "thank you little people for bailing out all of us 'too big to fail' banks, but you cost too much so we want to take away your social security and medicare." Worse, these sanctimonious bastards don't see why we shouldn't commit suicide for the 'greater' (meaning 'their') good. All I can say is "you first."

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Looking to the Stars said...

Loved the "you go first" comment :)
I agree with you all the way!

Yes, I have noticed the salt thing and I thought to myself "here we go again". I don't use salt in my cooking and my husband salts his food to his liking on his plate.

I believe they are going to take away every right we have. It started with the cigs and is moving onto every thing we eat and do. I also have a way out theory that I have tossed around in my brain which is: what if the gov't is telling companies "you pay us so much money or we will tell everyone your product is not good for them". If the company pays then a study comes out saying that product is ok, if the company doesn't pay then they hammer them to death with bad publicity"
Its just a thought :)

It started being sunny here but the clouds have moved in and they say we are to get rain till Sunday. It rained (nice and light) all last evening, it was wonderful.

take care and have a good one :)