Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Monday Morning to all. It is nice and sunny today, and it is getting warm. The weekend was a bit wet with sunny intermissions. Most of the rain fell during the night hours but it did make it a bit too wet to do much outside. I have taken the plastic off all my containers and the hot caps off the individual plants. I don't think it will get cold enough to require them again and, if it does, I have the plastic close at hand. I am thankful we didn't get anything like what they had down in Tennessee and Kentucky. No hail, no tornadoes, no floods.

I think everyone must be following, to some extent or other, the story about the oil spill in the gulf. I am a bit frustrated with some of the reporting because none of the numbers are at all consistent. But I am also a bit frustrated because no one is going into the most fundamental question in this whole matter: aren't there some resources we simply should leave alone because of the damage extracting it might incur? I remember reading somewhere (maybe several somewheres) that the philosophy behind much of the Homeland Security Department activities is that, even if the chance of terrorism is 1 in a hundred that one chance has the potential of creating such havoc, we have to guard against it. Perhaps we should apply that theory to oil drilling and other extractive activities. Is the coal under a mountain really worth the very real costs of poisoning entire streams, killing a certain number of miners, and lopping off the top of a mountain while filling nearby valleys with the rubble? Is the oil in some of the deep areas of the ocean really worth devastating the wetlands and fisheries, crippling the fishing industry, and disrupting transport? This is an interesting equation that no one seems to want to discuss.

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Looking to the Stars said...

It's been rainy here but the good Colorado rain that I'm used to. It was wonderful to go out yesterday and walk in the rain. The smell was heavenly, it made me feel like a little girl again, holding on to my dad's hand. A wonderful memory.

We had a senator here in Colo. by the name of Salzar. Obama put him in charge of the enviroment and he's good at it. He doesn't want any off shore drilling but the last thing I read (which was quite a few months ago) was he was having a problem and would have to make a compromise on the off shore drilling.

I have'nt heard anything more about it. But, he is a good man and he cares a lot about the environment. My thinking is the gov't is making it hard for him to do anything, but that's just a guess.