Monday, May 24, 2010

Good sunny Monday morning, everyone. We hit 90+ yesterday. It was warm enough that the cat that usually insists on occupying my lap every evening decided to sleep on the couch by himself instead. I got a bit more done in the gardens but I am doing it in small stages. Today I will do some more--also in small stages because we are supposed to get another day in the very high 80s or low 90s. The containers should be dry enough to work so I hope to get the new seedlings in.

I have noticed an increasing number of voices asking if BP is really the entity to deal effectively with the oil spill and now the Obama administration is threatening to force them out though who will step in is not clear. Some time ago (and I no longer remember exactly in what context) I remember a commentator's response to the notion that if you have a broken leg you get a doctor to set it (in other words go for the expert. 'Not if he is the one who broke your leg!!' quipped the commentator. That, it seems to me, is exactly our current position. We have an expert who contributed to this situation and whose notions of how to handle it have so far been minimally effective--but who else is there. It is like being on a desert island with the doctor who broke your leg--who else can do the job. This Wall Street Journal article proclaims in its headline that "The US was ready for a major spill". But the article makes it abundantly clear that NO ONE (not the US government, not BP, not the Coast Guard) was prepared.

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Looking to the Stars said...

I like the comment "not if he's the one who broke the leg". I agree with you :)