Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good sunny Thursday Morning, Everyone. We are supposed to get some showers over night. Again, I am thankful that nothing like the Kansas and Oklahoma storms appear on our horizon. I put up an odd little trellis yesterday with small containers cut from hard plastic juice containers and planted spinach and lettuce in them. The hard plastic does work much better than the softer milk carton plastic for this. When more plants are in and sprouting I will have to take some pictures.

I came across this item as I went through the news and e-mail. I am not much of a sports fan but every now and then an item attracts my attention. It seems that Floyd Landis, who was stripped of his 2006 Tour de France win for using performance enhancing drugs and has protested his innocence since, now says he was guilty. No surprise there. We have seen far too many of these cases. Only he is also claiming that Lance Armstrong and other top cyclers did the same. I have a quirky turn of mind on this issue. I would have much more respect for this idiot if he simply confessed and took his lumps but he seems to want a whole lot of company on his way down. That is the very essence of a scum bag.

I find this story both amusing and sad. A 'family-values' Republican Representative from New York whose DUI arrest 2 years ago led to the discovery of his mistress and 'love child' and his resignation has been selected as the Republican candidate for that same House seat by the Republican executive. By a resounding 2-4. This is really the best candidate they can field??

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Looking to the Stars said...

We read about the Landis thing to. It really pissed me off because he said he was innocent and I believed it. Now we find out he's as big of a lair as the rest of them. What an a-hole

have a good one :)