Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Sunday Morning, All. Yesterday was foggy, overcast and cool for most of the day. We did finally get the sun the weather people said we would get but very late. Today, however, is bright and sunny. We are supposed to have temps near 90. I remember a line from one of my favorite authors which claims that Spring was one day between freezing your butt off and roasting. This year hasn't been like that since we have had some typical spring weather. But going from 70 to 90 is a bit disorienting and we do that often. The gardens are looking good although it is too wet to do any planting today.

I found this entertaining little blog wandering around through my e-mail alerts this morning. I can relate to his final point and extend it to container gardening. It takes time and a willingness to try something that might fail before you can succeed at these projects. I am sorry for the ground squirrels but I understand the impulse to vengeance especially after hard work and high hopes.

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Looking to the Stars said...

We have the sun here but the wind is really bad. The temp is 60, its great weather to fly a kite but not anything else :)

take care