Friday, May 7, 2010

Good morning to all on this wet and cool Friday. We had thundershowers throughout the night and some continue today. I am watching the low temp predictions and I think I will have to cover my containers. I found a couple of Mexibelle peppers and a stevia at the local Home Depot but I won't put then in the gardens until next week when it warms up a bit.

Well, wasn't that some wild roller coaster ride on the stock markets yesterday? They say the initial drop of about 300 points on the DOW was probably the result of jitters over the situation in Greece but the rest of the nearly 1000 points (which were regained before the end of the day) was a 'typo'. Someone intended to sell 16 MILLION shares but typed a B instead of an M. Goes to prove the old saying: to err is human but to really f**k up you need a computer.

I have been getting used to a new pair of contacts over the last week and reading hasn't been as comfortable as usual. But I hope to be back to normal now. I had to find out how much the new prescription took care of the near vision, how well the bifocal worked, and whether I needed any reading glasses. Well, the new lenses take care of almost all of my problems. The new readers are about half the strength of the old ones which is a big improvement. Tomorrow I will give my new glasses a try.

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Looking to the Stars said...

The stock market really was a roller coaster. To tell you the truth, i thought it would keep going down. I'm glad I don't believe in the stock market, its wierd and all it is, is paper. Scary, doing business like that.

I don't think I would be able to wear contacts. My glasses are wierd enough, I have one for reading and one for everyday life. One of my dogs ate my ear piece on my everyday glasses a few days ago. I took it them to Sam's (Wal Mart) and they fixed them for free. I've been looking for a new eye doctor, my old one got a better job in another state. Maybe I'll give Sam's a try, couldn't hurt.

Let me know how your glasses work out. have a good one :)