Friday, May 21, 2010

TGIF, everyone. It is wet outside so I won't get anything done out in the gardens. But then I won't have to water anything either. I stopped by two of our home improvement stores yesterday while I was out getting books back to the library. I was so unhappy with one that I walked out without anything even though that store was where I usually get my bags of garden soil. The condition and selection were extremely poor. I did find some interesting things at the other. Two types of basil, two new (to me) varieties of peppers, broccoli (which I did not start from seed this year), and some lobelia (which I have never grown before.) Looking at what the two stores offered, however, I was struck by how limited their offerings were in spite of the full shelves: a lot of tomatoes, a lot of peppers and very little variety in anything else. I came to the conclusion that I really needed to find some other sources of supply for something else that isn't saturated locally.

I guess at least some of our Senators saw something in the primary results from Tuesday--they passed the cloture motion which sends the financial reform package to the full Senate for consideration. Now, if they can introduce some good amendments to it and not add a bunch of crap that weakens it, we might actually get something.

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