Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good Wednesday Morning, Everyone. Our sun keeps going in and out but it is warming up nicely. I have 3 of my garden containers planted. I can quickly cover the plants if it gets too cold but I don't expect that. Everything I started that germinated is in the ground so now I will have to pick up plants to put in. We will see what hits our fancy.

I finished a table cloth yesterday. It is in the wash and, oh, does it need to be washed. I started it over a decade ago, then passed it on to Mom. She worked on it until the work was too uncomfortable for her eyes and it came back to me. It sat on a shelf in a basket for a lot of that time and all of the dust, tobacco fumes, and what ever else was floating around got all over it. I have since managed to get a number of plastic tubs for most of the fabric and projects.

The primary elections here caught us by surprise. Part of the problem is that we live about 40 miles or so outside Chicago in Indiana. Most of our news comes out of Chicago and it gives scant time to Indiana politics. I could get snippy and say that it gives scant time to anything that matters focusing on such ephemera as the latest eliminations from 'Dancing With The Stars' instead. What I have found to date leads me to think that I will probably do a straight Democratic ticket in the fall. I have been somewhat dissatisfied with our Democratic Congressman but all of the Republican candidates for the opportunity to replace him were saying the same things: overturn the health care programs, cut Social Security and Medicare, tax cuts. They lost my vote with the first two. Our Democratic Senator is retiring and, again, the Republican contender for that position is singing from the same hymn. I don't belong to that church. I do wish these guys would come up with ideas instead of sound bites. I don't find it at all strange that the vote turnout was abysmal around here.

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