Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Tuesday Morning, All. The weather people tell us that the temps should start declining from here to the end of the week. I was amused by the comments of many of the news casters and spectators. Two weeks ago they wanted summer; now, they say it is too hot. I just spent about an hour getting some more of my garden in. I filled three large pots to transplant my lavender, stevia and planted some nasturtiums. I also put some more beets into a section of one of the tubs that didn't have anything yet. Tomorrow I have some small containers to fill and plant. Those will have marigolds. I am planting the dwarf variety from Burpees called Embers. The ones I started inside are already blooming. I have discovered that one section of the small containers I have strung along trellis supports will have to be watched very carefully because they dry out very quickly. I almost lost three spinach plants yesterday. I had to stop just after 10 because it was too warm. So I watered everything very well and came inside.

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