Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Good day before Thanksgiving, Everyone.  We have some very dense fog here--so dense we can hardly see the houses on the other side of the street.  We don't have to go anywhere so we can watch it from inside and not worry about driving anywhere in it.  They say a small earthquake occurred on the border between Illinois and Indiana well south of here--closer to Kentucky really.  We didn't feel it ourselves.

The local TV news this morning gave PETA its 15 seconds of fame when the reporter noted that they plant to protest the annual Presidential pardon for the symbolic pair of turkeys.  Huffington Post put up this interesting little article on the fate of the presidential birds--most die before the next Thanksgiving.  Though the birds weren't slaughtered for the dinner table, I wouldn't call their demise 'natural.'  Rather they die because of the very qualities bred into them--overlarge breasts and abnormally large size.  We haven't (deliberately) eaten turkey for a number of years.  We simply haven't been impressed with the taste and the idea of getting such a large bird for just the two of us put us off.  Besides all most turkey we saw was too highly processed.  But our little meat market has had some tempting turkey cuts.  We decided to pick up a couple of pieces of breast tenderloin for dinner tomorrow--nice small pieces that won't provide far more than we need or want.  But I also saw some of the split breasts (with bone) that looked good also.  I was surprised at how small they looked.  I wonder if the market is getting the turkeys from nearby Amish farmers from whom its get its chicken.  We like the fact that those birds are free range and free of antibiotics and hormones.  We might put more turkey on the menu.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Happy Thanksgiving, kiddo. Loved your comment about putting more turkey on the menu. It reminded me of LOTR phrase 'looks like meat is back on the menu boys' lol.

I don't care for turkey, I stuff myself with dressing and cranberry :)

have a good one