Sunday, November 4, 2012

Good Sunday, Everyone.  Didn't see much to comment on yesterday.  The news isn't much different and I have already said what I wanted probably more often than you all would like.  I have sounding like a broken record.  I got an interesting little card in the mail telling me what a good girl I have been because I have voted in the last 5 general elections.  Well, that's nice but I haven't missed a general election for the last 12 and more.  I certainly intend to vote Tuesday.  It would take a major disaster to keep me away.  I used to split my vote but not this year.  I have not found a single Repthuglican worthy of my vote this year.  Our Republican mayor isn't up for re-election this year or he would be the only one.  I was sardonically amused with Romney's assertion that those who had voted for Obama on the hope of change should shift to him for 'real' change.  Real change??  Define that please.  How far back in time would you want to push us for real change?  George II (Bush)??  Ronnie I (Reagan)??  Herbert I (Hoover)??  I have no desire to go 'back to the future.'

We have done our yearly 'fall back,' which all of you know I really don't like.  I have wished for some time that they would leave the damned clocks alone.  For those who are curious about this ritual of changing the clocks back and forth, posted this piece.  The author doesn't really talk about the 'science' of daylight saving.  But it is a nice history article.

As if we didn't have enough to worry about with the Repthuglicans trying very hard to disfranchise large numbers of (particularly) Democratic voters, the Christian Science Monitor raises the question of hackers mucking up the works.  I had heard about the computer attacks on the Russian election but not the others.

Jasmine Tea and Jiaozi provides an interesting light on life in China.  No one gets heat or cooling until the dates the government dictates.   I read the post to Mom and she remembered some years ago when those over here who lived and worked in large buildings were in a similar situation.  Shifting from heat to cooling was a major undertaking and was coordinated around the most likely date when the weather turned permanently cold or hot.  Though the inhabitants had some control over their temperatures they couldn't go from heating to cooling or vice versa.

Robert Reich posted a nice summary of 'Romneyism.'  I think he perfectly defines the core values of the Romney/Ryan Repthuglicans.

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