Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good Thursday, Everyone.  I have some clean up chores in the gardens but they will wait till a few days from now when the temperatures are predicted to rise to the mid 50s.  I may use the leaves as a mulch around some of the plants.  Otherwise, it is time to do a final assessment on the gardens this year.  I will post some of that when I have completed it.  Let's see what is on the internet.

File this one under "Same song, different verse."  I notice that the Repthuglican hopefuls for the 2016 election are running fast and hard away from the comments.  From the comments not necessarily from the sentiments expressed.  Just as Romney/Ryan tried to cover up the "47%" remark without really changing their views, I expect the Repthuglican wannabes to do the same.  Let's call it what it really is--stealth reactionary conservatism.

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