Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good day to you all on this election day.  We voted this morning almost as soon as the polls opened here.  No wait--except for my delay finding my drivers license.  We also ran our other weekly errands right after.  We could have voted early but our precinct is only three blocks away and we weren't going anywhere away from home so we waited even though we both had decided long ago.  The Repthuglican field decided for us--such a bunch of troglodytes I have never seen.  The price sign on one of the gas stations provided a nice bit of news: the price of regular was barely below $3.30 for the first time in months.  However, the price at another gas station was almost $.20 higher.

We had a hard frost last night and may have lost lost several plants.  The cabbage, kale, pineapple sage and sage aren't looking very good right now.  I started the cabbage and kale late hoping to miss those pesky little white butterflies that lay eggs which become cabbage worms.  I succeeded there but the plants didn't have enough time to mature.  Next year I plan to put up netting over those plants and start them earlier.

Just got a bit of a laugh listening to a comment by a CNBC talking head:  if the election were a business, given the return on the unimaginable money spent is so negative that everyone connected with it would be out of their jobs.  Another laugh:  one of the main anchors discussed the possibility of a tie in the electoral college--unlikely but possible if Obama takes Wisconsin, Ohio and Vermont and all the rest of the 'swing' states go to Romney.  In that case the election of the president goes into the House of Representatives which is, and likely will remain, in Republican hands--therefore Romney gets the election.  Why the laugh??  The Senate elects the Vice-President which is in Democrat hands and Joe Biden would then serve in a Romney administration.  That is a hilarious idea!!! :)

I think this story so perfectly illustrates the difference between the Romney and Obama campaigns.

I hope this isn't wide spread.  I am especially skeptical because of Romney family connections to one of the touch screen software companies.

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