Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hope you all are having a nice weekend.  We are.  We have moderate temperatures and partly cloudy skies through tomorrow.  The frosts of the last week haven't bothered the kale and cabbage as much as I thought.  They are doing well as is the sage.  I don't know how the pineapple sage will do.  It may come back in the spring so I won't take them out just yet.  The lemon balm looked dead at the end of last winter and it came back beautifully.

Evidently, LA has passed a resolution to encourage 'meatless mondays.'  If I lived in LA, I wouldn't be all that impressed.  I am not vegetarian and will never will but here we have far more 'meatless' days than the 52 the city government is urging on the city's citizens.  I am also getting very tired of all of the nannies out there urging this, that or the other--for our own good, of course.  In another ridiculous example of nannying people to death, new rules promulgated by Bloomberg in NY will prevent some regular food donors from giving to the homeless shelters because the donated food can't be certified to have 'healthy' levels of salt, fiber, and fat.

Another entry in the 'Unintended Consequences' file.  Although the U.S. and Israel have not acknowledged creating 'stuxnet' they haven't denied it either.  But how anyone would think they could control it (and any 'offspring' others might create) is beyond me.  For more information this article is pretty good.  And, as if cybersecurity weren't already stressful already, criminals are getting more inventive.

When I signed up for Social Security I went ahead and signed up for the automatic deposit.  I am comfortable with banking on line banking having used it for several years and with automatic deposit because several of my past employers used it.  But I wondered about those who might not be comfortable with either.  I am enough of a libertarian to be extremely uncomfortable with pushing all of us variously shaped pegs into the same shaped holes.  (Just to clarify, I am not much of a libertarian.)

As if we really needed a window into Mitt Romney's character, this provides the image of a grand bastard that many of figured lurked behind his pleasant facade.  But then, perhaps, those who worked so hard to elect a man who wrote off 47% of the American population as lazy moochers should have had second thoughts long ago.  Why should Romney respect them any more than he has anyone else who isn't part of the 1%?

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