Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello to you all on this day before the end of our quadrennial madness.  Although if the history of the last four years the next insanity season may begin the day after this one.  After all that was about when Mitch McConnell announced that the whole purpose of the Repthuglican party was to make Obama a one term president.  Given the animosity sown in the last four years I can easily see the Democrats treating the Repthuglicans, should Romney win, to the same kind of obstructionism the Repubs have dished out.  What's the old saying? What goes around, comes around.  Even if Obama wins I don't expect any real progress on the many problems confronting this country.  Gridlock for at least the next 2, maybe 4 years.

Robert Samuelson posted an op-ed this morning that sums up my assessment of this obnoxious election: candidates who are willing to say anything, promise anything no matter how contradictory to get votes. At all levels the vitriol is stunning.  Candidates and/or their campaigns can't seem to simply agree to disagree; they have to demonize the opposition.  We have a system now in which religion, economics and politics are thoroughly intertwined and the True Believers are trumpeting their venom loudly.  I wonder how many are like me--totally not a member of any choir.

Michael Moore makes the best case for holding your nose and voting for Obama this time.  Actually, I shouldn't be so negative on Obama.  In spite of Repthuglican obstruction over the last four years, Obama has gotten a good bit done.  If Romney is elected people like me won't have a president because Mr. Romney will be the president of the United States of the 1% not of the United States of America.

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