Monday, December 31, 2012

Good last Saturday of 2012.  Yeah, it does feel like I am counting down.  I am so ready for this year to end in spite of how often I complained that the time was going by much too fast.  Another cloudy day with light lake effect snow.  We still haven't had a sub-freezing high.  But they say that will change around New Year's Day.  Let's see what I find on the 'net today.

Here is one for the 'WTF????' file.  I wonder where the items came from and what would have been required to make them serviceable.


Welcome to the last Sunday of 2012.  I figure I might as well continue with my countdown.  We may get sun today but they predict a high temp only in the high 20s.  If so that will end this year's streak of days that haven't had a high below freezing.  2012 is second on that list--one day below 1978 which had a stretch of 308 days above 32F.


Ah!  Last day of the 2012 count down.  We did get some nice sun yesterday and the above freezing streak continues though it should end tomorrow.  I pulled out the seeds I still have from last season and started evaluating them for this spring.  I got rid of most of the packets that were 3 years or older because the germination rates were not very good last spring for those.  Then I will merge the two lists--the seeds on hand and the wish list from my first pass through the catalogs--and try to figure out what I actually want to plant.  Things progress a slow step at a time.

Jesse' Cafe Americain, I think, defines our current political, social, and financial situation accurately: an 'empire of illusion and a credibility trap'.

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