Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Good Tuesday morning, Everyone.  Chicago (not far from us) hit 70F yesterday.  According to the weather person on the evening news, temperatures in this area have reached that level in December only 3 times (including this time) in the 140 years of record keeping.  One viewer had an interesting question--what kind of snowfall came in the previous years of high December?  Answer: a trace.  Our November just past we got only a trace.  Yeah--we looked out once and thought we, maybe, possibly, saw a flake.  We had rain last night and into this morning for which I am very grateful.

Another three seed wishbooks came yesterday.  Two I haven't seen before and, my favorite, Baker Creek.  Still waiting for Burpee, Schumway, and Jung.  Already found some intriguing possibilities: a really small tomato that is supposed to be a heavy producer.  Ditto a small pepper and, one of our favorite, the Mexibell pepper--a mildly spicy bell.  I skimmed the catalogs yesterday but will look more closely over the next month.


Here it is Wednesday.  Howdy, All.  Time certainly is flying by.  Temperatures are back to near normal.  Let's see what is on the 'net today.

Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post has some good comments which eviscerates the arguments for the Repthuglican positions on tax rate increases.  They have nothing to do with either job creation or a slow economy.

Helen ends her very on the mark post with an appropriate description of Repthuglican antics: pissing in the baby pool.  Unfortunately I don't think we have very many adults in Washington and those few are vastly outnumbered by the over-grown pre-adolescents.

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