Friday, December 28, 2012

Good Thursday to everyone.  We had a dusting of snow yesterday and they say we may get a dusting again today into tomorrow.  So far we have been on the edge of the systems that have moved through over the last couple of days which means we get minimal effects.  We did our shopping yesterday before the snow started to fall.  Mom had no choice but to go out because she had to get a prescription refilled.  We simply combined all our weekly errands.  The worst of it was the wind.

My musical tastes have also broadened over the years, Kay.  I always have enjoyed a wide variety of music from classical to folk to (some) rock 'n' roll.  I still have most of it because my ex didn't really like much beyond cowboy/western.  Pandora has been a wonderful find.  We often put that on because the pickings are too slim on TV, especially since we don't really want to know most of the crap the news puts on.  We shifted after the BBC started to repeat their headline stories--for the second time.  So far we have listened to selections from Scott Joplin, Eric Darius, Celtic Thunder, and Alabama.  I don't know how many different artists and genres we will hear over the next five or six hours.  We moved from the free service to the pay about a year and a half ago and it has been well worth it.


Welcome to the last Friday of 2012.  All of the snow flurries we got over the last couple of days amounted to nothing much.  And the temperature on our patio got up to 42F yesterday so the cement is clear.  I cleaned out the snow and ice that filled up the little platform on the bird feeder.  Some heavy snow is now falling--the heaviest to date.  How much will accumulate--who knows?

Another entry into the 'why I try to ignore politics' file.

I haven't found words to express my disgust at this bit of political/economic obscenity.  We are definitely living in an insane universe when a city with a big crime problem balances part of its deficit by dismissing a quarter of its police force but does nothing about a large gift to the local NFL and baseball teams.  Sports has become a major 'welfare queen' and it really is time to cut them off.  Circuses are continuing even as bread becomes somewhat dear.

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