Sunday, December 16, 2012

Good Sunday to you all.  The Chicago snow 'drought' record continues and another record is threatened: latest first snow of more than a trace at O'Hara airport.  The rain we got yesterday was only three-quarters of an inch and the most since October.  The weather people say we are 10+inches below normal moisture for the year.  The drought monitors still have this area in moderate drought.  Let's see what is on the internet besides the Connecticut shooting which I have begun to tune out.  It is an insoluble conundrum that more 'information' is unlikely to solve.

The Kansas City Star published this investigative report that might put you off beef for a while.

This little article at the Nation (found by way of Chris Martensen's blog) torches the argument that low corporate federal income tax rates translate into more hiring.  We always knew the argument was a scam, didn't we?

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Looking to the Stars said...

They say we might have to go on water restrictions in 2013 butttt instead of limiting our useage, they will charge more if we go over our usual monthly limit. Why does this sound like a scam to me.

I'm getting really tired of this crap. all I see is greed and more greed.

take care :)