Saturday, December 15, 2012

Good Thursday to you all.  It looks like we will have bright, sunny skies again today and temperatures above normal by about 10 or 15 degrees.  No snow so the Chicago record watch continues.  The news readers say that the new law which restricts how loud TV commercials can be.  I don't know how effective it will be.  After all imagine you are watching an action move and the commercial comes in at 2 decibels above the explosions.


Hope you are having a nice Friday, Everyone.  And I hope my internet and computer are better behaved today than yesterday.  I got a real appreciation for the old saying "slow as molasses in January."  Let's see how things work out today.


It is now a mild Saturday with the possibility of rain.  As you can tell I didn't have much to say yesterday.  The Connecticut shooting dominated the news.  Most of the coverage was predictable.  The arguments for and against more stringent gun control have been made before and I doubt that this will change them.  There isn't much I can say except I grieve with the families and I simply don't understand the shooter (and probably never will.)

But then there is another idiot I will never understand: the religious asshole who attributes all the evils of our society to 'removing God.'  My reading of history leads me to the conclusion that the prospect for divine punishment, whether sometime in the near future or in an after life, has never deterred anyone from perpetrating horrors.  Indeed, more often than not, the perpetrator believes God is on his side and those who suffer the atrocity deserve it.

Much of the discussion on the news centers on 'prevention.'  How can we "keep this from happening again?"  That question presupposes a positive answer to another, prior question: can we keep this from happening again?  I am not at all sure we can answer that question positively.  And we also have to recognize that we have no positive answer to the logically following question:  are any of the 'solutions' politically, socially, or economically tolerable?

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