Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Monday, All.  Still gray with a very slim possibility of snow.  If we don't get at least a trace of snow at O'Hara airport (the official site for the Chicago area) the record for consecutive days without snow will be broken.

This was a surprise.  Not the notion that the cable companies are looking for a new way to siphon off more money from their customers.  Rather that it got to a vote of the FCC without a peep from the lamestream media.  It makes me wonder how much else is getting by under the radar.

We watched a bit of CNBC this morning and started sniping almost half way through Santelli's rant.  Not so much at what he said as what he left out.  I can agree that Obama's insistence on hiking the taxes on 'rich' to the levels set in the Clinton administration doesn't consider inflation.  Santelli claimed that $250k today is equivalent to $167K then.  If they did take inflation into account the cut-off would be more like $325K.  I am fine with that.  I wouldn't mind if they set the cut-off at $500k.  So what is my problem with his arguments?  Basically it is with how many other things haven't been corrected for inflation.  Take the minimum wage.  If it were set taking into account inflation since when it was set at $5.25/hour the current value (if I remember some stats I read recently) the minimum wage would be over $20/ hour.  Santelli's charge that the numbers basically lie because liars have formulated them to do so is quite correct.  Take a look here for another aspect of how the numbers are massaged to give a false picture.

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