Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Good Monday to you all.  They say we will have another gloomy day though not much chance of more precipitation.  We may get snow Wednesday but the chance isn't all that great.  Hi, Lois, good to hear from you.  I have been following the drought conditions out there in Colorado where I once lived and where several friends still live.  The news hasn't been good.  I am not surprised at the water utility deciding to 'ration' by cost.  I agree with you--it is simple greed.  I don't have to imagine how this will work out.  A couple of years ago, when Atlanta's reservoir almost went dry, one resident of the city maintained a large pool and running water feature, in spite of restrictions, because he was willing and able to pay for the privilege of being wasteful.  Our city didn't impose restriction though they did encourage conservation.  As part of that effort, the water utility offered to supply rain water collection barrels to any homeowner who wants one.  If we owned our home we would have signed up.  If conditions are as bad as last year, or worse, we may get restrictions.  Of what kind I don't know.  Even without that pressure, the utility has been able to get approval to raise prices because of extensive improvements over the last couple of years.  They don't seem to be interested in giving those who use less a price break.

Good Wednesday, Everyone.  The news has been dominated by the shooting in Connecticut and I really have nothing to say on that issue.  Although, every now and then, someone else says something interesting.  Check out Tina E. at anotheroldwoman.  As I noted a while back I could have gone into a coma a month before the election and woke any time since to find nothing has changed.  Krugman evidently feels the same way.  I find myself in the same situation as a couple of bloggers whose posts I read whenever they come up--I need to change and find something else to write about.

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