Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another Wednesday. More political idiocy.

Cool and sunny again.  I would say something about "hump day" but that atrocious GEICO commercial has ruined that notion for me.  Instead I will simply wish you a good day here in the middle of a beautiful fall week.

We had some errands to run yesterday.  Mom had to renew her driver's license and her car plates which went very smoothly and quickly.  And we decided to check out the new Hobby Lobby that opened up this week in town.  I have wished for a long time that the local Michaels would get some serious competition.  I bought the flowers for the new fall wreath before Hobby Lobby opened--they didn't have a firm opening date--but with what we saw yesterday, I wish I had known.  Oh well, we found a little Thanksgiving ornament to put on the wreath after Halloween and have a couple of items we plan to put on the winter wreath for Christmas/Yule.

Some things that make me scratch my head:

  • The story this morning that those who heat with natural gas can expect to spend 13% more this year--but didn't we just get the "good" new that the U.S. is poised to take over Russia as the top natural gas producer this fall???
  • And then there was irate John Boehner lambasting the Administration because the death benefit for soldiers who die in the line of duty aren't being paid.  It is one of the many government program on hold because the government still has neither a budget (hasn't had one in four years) nor a continuing resolution.  But, of course, the House is scrambling to restore that particular program.  I rather liked Nancy Pelosi's description (not played often enough) of the Repthuglican tactic:  releasing one hostage at a time.  One of the commentators did remark that it appears both sides are setting up the blame game for when the debt ceiling is breached.  So far most polls say that the Repthuglicans are ahead on who is getting the blame.
  • A food processing company has recalled raw chicken products for contamination with some seven salmonella strains (at last count) including a couple of particularly nasty drug-resistant varieties.  People have gotten sick in, I think, 18 states and the CDC has recalled their inspectors and investigators to deal with the problem.  I guess making political points is far more important to the House of (Non)Representatives than protecting the well being of people.
  • I have way too much blather about how the Repthuglicans only want to talk--to negotiate on matters of the budget.  That is a bunch of bullshit.  They had their negotiations on all of the laundry list of demands they have made.  THEY LOST.  They lost on Obamacare in the House, in the Senate and in the Supreme court.  They lost in the last election.  Now they want to pretend that somehow, because they don't like the law (and it is a law) that they weren't "consulted."  Please!!!  By what definition of the words "consult" or "negotiate" have they not been?  Winning is not a part of the definitions.  Losing doesn't negate the consultation.

Now this is an interesting idea.  I was reading one of the blogs I always follow and the author has the same problem I do--not a lot of space.  So I haven't even tried to harvest tomato seed because the plants would likely cross pollinate.  I wouldn't get the original variety.  However, the blogger decided to take cuttings.  Evidently, tomatoes root easily.  Evidently, you can do the same with peppers.

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