Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuesday and fall is very evident. And now it is Wednesday.

The gardens are a bit ragged and bare.  The hibiscus is the only tall plant that is still tall.  I cut back the tansy and removed the pineapple sage earlier as I said so the fence is the dominant feature right now.  The hibiscus leaves are dying off now but it looks better than the ones in the local park and along one of the main streets.  I guess that is how the plant deals with the end of the growing season and growing cold.  But I think I see a new shoot coming from the roots and similar growth around the stump of the bee balm.  And the tansy and pyrethrum are showing new growth.  Those last are very hardy plants--among the very few that survived last winter.  Ah well, the seasons do change no matter what we feel or want.  The leaves finally have gone into full color mode--about a month late.

Well, once again I didn't find anything worth commenting on yesterday.  I don't know what I will find today.  Most of the airwaves and the ether is clogged with the same old issues and none of it is any nearer to resolution.  I am so tired of self-important idiot blowing hot air from both ends.  I have begun to tune it out.

I saw a couple of stories on the death of former Congressman Ike Skelton yesterday.  What struck me about the politicians praising Skelton was that they praised the virtues they saw in him that they are not willing to practice themselves: moderation, courtesy, willingness to compromise.

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