Friday, October 18, 2013

Very cool Friday.

We definitely feel the change in the seasons.  The weather people say we might get to 60F on Sunday but otherwise only 50s.  We have already started wearing our sweats and I just turned on the heat and checked the setting.  We keep it at 68 over winter.  We have been talking about replacing our old winter coats for the last three or four years and finally did a week ago. We follow Treebeard's advice: don't be hasty.  It has been too wet to do anything outside.  If we don't get any more rain I will try to get a bit of the reorganization I want done.  We'll see.

What you could have "bought" for the $24 billion it cost the taxpayers during the sixteen days of the shutdown.

I read the headline of this Edinburgh News article and asked "What the hell are conkers?"  Evidently that is what they call horse chestnuts over there and the heatwave Scotland experienced this year produced a lot of them--and the trees are now shedding large numbers.

I saw this on BBC this morning.  Saudi Arabia has declined its election to the U.N. Security Council saying the body is incapable of solving conflicts in the world citing the civil war in Syria.  Well, duh?!? It was designed that way.  National sovereignty was a key principle on which the U.N. was founded and unless conditions align the national interests of the permanent members to favor intervention.  That favors inaction.  But not many countries really want to give up sovereign powers to a true world government and I am not in favor of the U.S. doing so.

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Kay Dennison said...

Loved your question!!!! I think we should send Teddy Cruz and his buddies the bill.

Thanks for reminding me to check my winter coats. When I was working I bought myself several really nice coats and my fav is an L.L. Bean bright redduffle coat that bought in a thrift shop I swear is gonna last forever. :)

I'm guessing that it rained there as it looks like we have some coming!!!!