Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More seasonal changes.

Over the years we have become more conscious of the changing seasons.  We just put the plastic up over the living room window.  As soon as the storm window comes back from the glazer we will put the plastic up there.  I tried to lower it last week but it stuck and then released suddenly.  I couldn't hold it.  Thankfully it didn't shatter in a million pieces.  Most of the glass stayed in the frame.  We are discussing whether we will raise it next spring.  We like the fresh hover air however raising and lowering that window is getting too difficult.  Our menu has changed--no more chef salads or cold meals.  Now it is hot casseroles, soups, chili and other more hearty fare.  For the second morning in a row we look out to see frost on windshield and roofs.

This is frightening--or would be if we still had pets.  The most frightening part--no one knows the source.  If we still had cats we would prepare our pets food ourselves.

Maha makes a point that I have seen made only once and that once on Al Jazeera.  The ACA sign up has been a snafu so far.  However none of the loud voices (largely Repthuglican) note the reason it is such a snafu.  Basically, the government contracted the development of the site and the programing to private companies who failed to make sure their parts of the system worked well together.  And then this hodgepodge was expected to play nicely with the various systems the myriad states and insurance companies use.  And she is totally right: the private sector screwed up.  And they would have been fired and fined but because they worked, for the federal government, they will probably keep their fees and, maybe, get a bonus for cleaning up their mess.

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