Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brrrrr!! First frost.

The temperature, as of now, is 30F.  I saw frost on the windshield of the cars and the nearby roofs.  Overnight lows for the next week expected to be in the 30s with high in the 40s.  I heard our furnace go on last night.  We keep ours set at 68 so it got a wee bit cool.  The weather people say we should see rain and possibly a mix of rain and snow so I don't think I will do anything outside.

Well, I guess I lied.  I did get some more work done outside--another pot tower, transplanted two strawberry starts, and the lemon balm.  I will try to get outside in a bit after I get warm again.  Though it is still cold, it is sunny.  I did dump the begonia.  It did not like the cold last night.  I thought about bringing it in over winter but the way it shed blossoms makes it a very untidy plant.

I think you all can guess my thoughts on this--the same as my thoughts when Macy's announced the same and every big retailer since.  I remember reading something a little while ago that said Medieval peasants actually had more time off than modern workers.  True they didn't get two weeks vacation but that is a benefit fewer and fewer of us receive.  But how many real holidays do we get any more?  Hell, even vacations are not really vacations--not with smart phones and tablets keeping people tethered to the work force.

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