Monday, October 28, 2013

Good Sunday to you all. Followed by a good Monday.

Sunday and nothing on the schedule.  I got the pineapple sage out yesterday and that was some bit of work.  It had grown into a robust bush.  If I plant it again next year it will be in its own pot because it really doesn't play well with others.  I still have the oregano that needs a winter home and I think I will put it where the pineapple sage was.  I watered a couple of strawberry beds.  Though we had cloudy skies for a good bit of the last couple of days we got nothing out of it.

Well, there wasn't anything much I wanted to comment on yesterday.  I don't know what I will find today.  Most of the news, as usual, is fluff or nothing new.

Another kind of marriage "inequality" seems to be a growing phenomenon.

I have noted before that the more dependent we are on computerized systems that 
can be remotely accessed the more likely someone will interfere with those systems.  And few of us plan for that possible (probable?) event.  Or can even conceive all of the ways such an attack can mess up our lives. Another article from an Israeli news outlet claims not cyber attack happened.   However, I am agnostic on the matter.  It might be the authorities would rather not publicly admit such an attack occurred or it might be a system or equipment failure.  How would you tell?  And it appears the hackers are getting more devious about how they get into their target computer systems.

James Kunstler has an interesting post this morning.  He ties up three of today's headlines into one story: the spy scandal, prevalent accounting fraud, and Obamacare.  I think he may be right about the notion that our leaders in our complex society are trying to manage that complexity and failing miserably.

We had a thought this morning on the spying issue--how many of the governments who are so outraged by the NSA activities have benefitted from those activities?  Probably every damned, hypocritical one of them.

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