Sunday, May 31, 2015


Welcome to the last Friday of May.  Five months of this year gone already.  The temps should go into the low 80s before the cool, wetter weather settles in for the weekend.  One of our neighbors is moving and Mom saw what looks like a crib railing they put out for the trash.  She wondered if I could us it in the gardens and I decided that I can.  It will provide a new trellis structure.  I have a strawberry "wall" in mind for next year.  I may add something yet this year that can hang on it.


Rains did come in yesterday afternoon and we had a couple of deluges.  They didn't last long but it did come in heavy and hard.  We should have more of the same today with falling temps.  Too wet to do much though I really don't have much to do right now.  Still haven't got my sweet potato slips.


Wet outside.  We had rain most of yesterday and through the night.  The weather people say it should move out today.  I got an e-mail yesterday telling me the sweet potato slips are on the way and should arrive in the middle of next week.  I did a brief walk-through of the gardens and found a tiny tomato trying to form on the Microtom, a strawberry that will be ripe tomorrow and several plants that will need staking when things dry out a bit.  A few of the plants were a bit bedraggled by the driving rain we had yesterday.  A couple of the wintergreen look somewhat stressed.  I don't know if they will make it.

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