Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday--Happy Memorial Day!!

A bit cloudy with a chance of showers but clearing later.  We expect a warm week with chances for rain most days.  I don't have anything planned in the gardens except a bit of weeding and other such tasks.  I hope to get my sweet potato slips soon so I can get them planted.  Later this week I will plant the beans now that the sunflowers are growing well.  I pulled the weakest of them yesterday leaving two in each container that will (I hope) provide the "stakes" for the pole bean plants.  Every time I go into the kitchen I stop and look at what I have growing out there.  The green is a feast for my eyes and a balm for my soul.  I have missed that over what feels like a nearly interminable winter and a spring that wasn't.

This would be interesting.  I hope the trials work out.  I had to stop wearing contacts twice over the years.  First when I couldn't wear the hard lenses any more and the soft lenses for my vision problems (near sighted and needing bifocals) weren't yet available.  About ten years ago my eyes became too dry to tolerate the soft lenses so I had to stop wearing them.  I would dearly love to do away with all corrective lenses completely.

I have, deliberately, not followed the Duggar situation closely.  It is a snafu in the sense I learned the acronym: situation normal, all fucked up.  The key is the word "normal."  I have seen all too many of these snafus over the years.  A sanctimonious Christianist has transgressed in a disgusting, usually sexual, manner.  On one hand we have those shocked by the hypocrisy spewing their worthless twaddle while on the other we have the apologists telling us he (usually a he) has asked God for forgiveness and received it, has been counseled and has reformed, and is ready to go on to lead a reformed life.  Infidel753 makes some interesting comments on the whole mess.  What about the victims and I don't mean poor Josh Duggar who is certainly not a victim.  What about his victims, the real victims--the girls he assaulted?  Has he asked their forgiveness and made any kind of meaningful restitution to them?  A number of the bloggers I read have asked the same questions.  I haven't seen an answer yet.  Notice that neither of the camps spewing inanities on this matter have any focus on the girls.

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