Sunday, May 3, 2015


Very mild to start with temps in the mid 50s right now--a little after 5am.  Highs expected to go into the high 70s.  Now lows below 50 for the week so I will move all my little tomatoes into the little greenhouse and get some more cultivating in the beds.

This is absolutely insane--and totally irresponsible.


Lovely day yesterday and should be the same for most of today.  Rain is supposed to come in later today.  I put most of my tomatoes in the mini-greenhouse as planned--along with the Moldavian balm, summer savory, and mustard.  I also cleaned up the patio--sweeping off the discarded bird seed and setting up the new feeder, cleaning out a couple of pots and the plant tower.  Also transplanted the new blueberry which looks happy in its new pot.  Planning when to start putting out transplants and where.

I wonder when someone will draw the parallels between this idiocy and the Enclosure Movement in England. Unfortunately, I don't think the sudden windfall for which ever of the wealthiest will fuel a new industrial revolution.  Or revitalize the old one. At bottom is a philosophy of rampant individualism which declares that there are no communities just resources individuals can appropriate by any means and exploit to what ever end and whose ever detriment.

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