Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Mixed day yesterday.  We had rain, at times heavy, in the morning but sun in the afternoon.  Rain again this morning and expected to continue through the morning.  No gardening again today.  We have a school bond referendum to vote on today.  Otherwise we expect a quiet day.

IS is claiming "responsibility" for the two idiots who tried to shoot up that anti-Muslim "free speech" cartooning event in Texas.  And our equally idiotic media is giving the story credence, as if it were a proven fact not the assertion of a bunch of homicidal assholes looking for notoriety.  I won't link because it is all over the net and the TV.  Is it any wonder I am a recovering news junkie?


Update on IS/Texas news reports--the media is showing a bit more skepticism mirroring the more cautious government spokespersons.  Took 'em a while.

Rain on and off yesterday and cool.  All I did outside was check the pH and fertility of the large containers--both in good shape.  We should have sun today so I plan to put in the tomatoes  and maybe a couple of other plants/seeds.  I think it really feels like spring when something green (but not weeds) is growing in the gardens.  My brother said that he saw his first hummingbird a couple of days ago.  I just put up my feeder so maybe we will get some visitors soon.

Is it surprising that the "traditional" colleges and universities are joining forces with the for-profit schools to lobby legislators to gut Obama Administration accountability rules?  They both benefit from our current arrangement where the schools get paid with few questions asked about the real benefits of the services they supply, the government guarantees hefty loans that are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, and students pay forever.  The result of that situation is soaring tuition, soaring debt, and an educational system which screws the students.  Much like the health care system.  The problem with both is that we not only don't have any accountability (except for the poor end user who is saddled with the debt) but we have no good way to judge the services provided.  What are the desired results?  Are they reasonable expectations?  No one can say for sure.  We are left with bombastic carnival barkers touting pie-in-the-sky for the most part.

Want to lose weight?  Eat a piece of chocolate cake with breakfast.  Sounds good to me.

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